A543 Elegant™ Butterfly Adult Urn Bronze & Bru Gold

The Elegant Butterfly Adult Urn in Bronze and Brushed Gold is a unique and beautiful work of art that is an elegant and meaningful way to remember a loved one. Butterflies are often seen to symbolize transformation, transition, change, beauty, hope, and rebirth, which make them a popular choice for remembering those we’ve lost. The butterflies each vary in shape as they gracefully take flight around the entire urn.

Each part of the butterfly, from their wings to their body and antennae are delicately shaped with a brushed gold finish. This brushed gold is also added to the lid, to contrast perfectly with the bronzed finish of the body of the cremation urn. As the flight of the butterflies covers the surface of the body, this urn is ideal for pairing with a medallion draped across the neck, upon which one can engrave a message or name and dates.

Threaded lid opens at top

Protected with GlossCoat™ 
Handcrafted with Love by LoveUrns® 

Size Standard Adult Urn
Dimensions 10"H 6.5"D | 16.5L 16.5W 27.0H cms
Capacity 200 Cubic Inches 3.4Liter
Material Brass
Threaded Top
Included Velvet Bag
Engraving options Medallion

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