I survived Hurricane Harvey

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I survived Hurricane Harvey

LoveUrns® Mother of Pearl cremation urn is displayed at the  History of Cremation Exhibit at  National Funeral Museum of History  as a symbol of Remembrance & Resilience to all those who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey first made landfall at San Jose Island near Rockport, Texas as a Category 4 hurricane. It stalled along south-central Texas for days producing catastrophic flash and river flooding. This storm dumped a year's worth of rain in less than a week on Houston, more than 27 trillion gallons. This is the most significant rainfall event in United States history, both in scope and peak rainfall amounts, since reliable rainfall records began around the 1880s.

By August 29, two flood-control reservoirs had breached further increasing water levels throughout the Houston area. With one-third of Houston completely flooded, the weight of the water also sank the city by two centimeters. Causing about $125 billion in damage. Harvey ranks as the second most costly hurricane to hit he U.S. mainland, only behind Katrina. An estimated 13 million people were affected with nearly 203,000 homes damaged or uninhabitable and up to a million cars were destroyed.


Service Corporation International, the white building seen in the photo above


This Mother of Pearl Urn  by LoveUrns® was retrieved from the base of  Service Corporation International, the white building seen in the photo above, after the flood waters from Hurricane Harvey receded.

This urn was submerged in water for months, and it came out looking damaged but not completely broken. This cremation urn reveals how this high quality urn by LoveUrns® weathered the extreme conditions.

The solid brass urn has not lost its shine! A thick layer of LoveUrns® GlossCoat™ technology made it withstand the extreme conditions. The real Mother of Pearl pieces are all intact and in place - all around the urn. An incredible survival story of a LoveUrn.

LoveUrns® ~  Handcrafted with Love™. 

LoveUrns® is the design, development, and manufacturing leader in death care products. We have maintained high quality standards for our products and continue to strive for excellence. Our headquarters is in Richardson, Texas and we have manufacturing plants in South Asia. Our products ship all over the world via distribution facilities throughout the globe. 

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