Corona Virus Update

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Corona Virus Update

Out of stock list Updated  8/24/2021

A1041        Adult Wings of Hope Blue

A1042        Adult Wings of Hope Pearl

A211          Adult Classic Gold

A220          Adult Lilac Rose

A221          Adult Emerald Rose

A222          Adult Pride Rainbow

A270          Adult Nirvana Adieu

A271          Adult Nirvana Azure

A272          Adult Stars & Stripes

A280          Adult Silver Blessing Birds

A281          Adult Gold Blessing Birds

A410          Adult Eternity Slate

A411          Adult Eternity Auburn

A502          Adult Tulip

A503          Adult Lilies

A523          Adult Tall Simplicity Midnight Pearl

A533          Adult Round Simplicity Pearl Midnight

A560          Adult SoulBird Male

C1010        CuddleBear Pink

C1011        CuddleBear Blue



H272          Heart Stars & Stripes

K1040        Keepsake Wings of Hope  Lavender

K1041        Keepsake Wings of Hope Blue

K1042        Keepsake Wings of Hope Pearl

K230          Keepsake Mother of Pearl

K250          Keepsake Ornate Floral

K270          Keepsake Nirvana Adieu

K281          Keepsake  Gold Blessing Birds

K292          Keepsake Blessing Pearl Midnight

K298          Keepsake Blessing Lavender Silver

K420          Keepsake Eternity Speckled Indigo

K562          Keepsake Silver SoulBird Male

K563          Keepsake Silver SoulBird Female

K600          Heart Brushed Gold

K632          Heart Returning Home

M1040       Medium Wings of Hope Lavender

M1041       Medium Wings of Hope Blue

M1042       Medium Wings of Hope Pearl

M230         Medium Mother of Pearl

M270         Medium Nirvana Adieu

M290         Medium Blessing Pearl

P1000        Medium LoveHeart

P1003        Medium LoveHeart Pearl



P212L        Classic Midnight Pet Large

P212S        Classic Midnight Pet Small

P213L        Classic Pewter Pet Large

P263          Princess Cat White

P264          Princess Cat Midnight

P265          Princess Cat Bronze

P504S        Majestic Paws Small

P540M       Elegant Leaf Pet Medium

P570L        Bronze Cuddle Large

P570M       Bronze Cuddle Medium

P570S        Bronze Cuddle Small

P631L        Heart Midnight Large

P632L        Heart LoveRed Large

P660L        Rainbow Bridge Large

T220          Tealight Lilac Rose

T250          Tealight Ornate Floral

T270          Tealight Nirvana Adieu

T271          Tealight Nirvana Azure

T272          Tealight Stars & Stripes

T501          Tealight Returning Home

T502          Tealight Tulip

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LoveUrns® and Anima™ of Spain announce their co-operation for Pet Urns and Jewelry

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LoveUrns® and Sortem of Spain have joined hands.

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LoveUrns® in Fortune Magazine

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