Corona Virus Update

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Corona Virus Update


February 4th, 2021

Updated Low stock and Out of stock list

A1000 Adult LoveHeart
A1003 Adult LoveHeart Pearl
A210 Adult Classic Pewter
A211 Adult Classic Gold
A212 Adult Speckled Indigo
A213 Adult Speckled Emerald
A214 Adult Speckled Auburn
A215 Adult Radiance Pewter
A216 Adult Radiance Gold
A217 Adult Radiance Copper
A218 Adult Art Deco
A230 Adult Mother of Pearl
A231 Adult Black & Gold
A240 Adult Butterfly Tribute
A241 Adult Falling Leaves
A250 Adult Ornate Floral
A270 Adult Nirvana Adieu
A281 Adult Gold Blessing Birds
A290 Adult Blessing Pearl
A291 Adult Blessing Bronze
A292 Adult Blessing Midnight
A297 Adult Blessing Pearl Silver
A298 Adult Blessing Lavender Silver
A501 Adult Returning Home
A503 Adult Lilies
A510 Adult Adore Midnight
A520 Adult Tall Simplicity Midnight
A521 Adult Tall Simplicity Bronze
A533 Adult Round Simplicity Pearl Midnight
A562 Adult Silver SoulBird Male
A572 Adult Flying Doves
A582 Adult TearDrop Hammered Silver Black
C1010 CuddleBear Pink
C1011 CuddleBear Blue
H270 Heart Nirvana Adieu
H271 Heart Nirvana Azure
H272 Heart Stars & Stripes
H572 Heart Flying Doves
K1000 Keepsake LoveHeart
K1003 Keepsake LoveHeart Pearl
K1040 Keepsake Wings of Hope Lavender
K1041 Keepsake Wings of Hope Blue
K1042 Keepsake Wings of Hope Pearl
K212 Keepsake Speckled Indigo
K213 Keepsake Speckled Emerald
K215 Keepsake Radiance Pewter
K218 Keepsake Art Deco
K230 Keepsake Mother of Pearl
K240 Keepsake Butterfly Tribute
K251 Keepsake Elegant Pewter
K270 Keepsake Nirvana Adieu
K271 Keepsake Nirvana Azure
K280 Keepsake Silver Blessing Birds
K290 Keepsake Blessing Pearl
K292 Keepsake Blessing Pearl Midnight
K297 Keepsake Blessing Pearl Silver
K410 Keepsake Eternity Slate
K523 Keepsake Tall Simplicity Pearl Midnight
K560 Keepsake Soul Bird Male
K561 Keepsake Soul Bird Female
K562 Keepsake Silver SoulBird Male
K563 Keepsake Silver SoulBird Female
K572 Keepsake Flying Doves
K573 Keepsake Autumn Leaves
K602 Heart Bright Gold
M1040 Medium Wings of Hope Lavender
M1042 Medium Wings of Hope Pearl
M230 Medium Mother of Pearl
M290 Medium Blessing Pearl
M292 Medium Blessing Midnight
M297 Medium Blessing Pearl Silver
M298 Medium Blessing Lavender Silver
P1000 Medium LoveHeart
P1001 Medium LoveHeart Pink
T230 Tealight Mother of Pearl
T270 Tealight Nirvana Adieu
T271 Tealight Nirvana Azure
T272 Tealight Stars & Stripes
T280 Tealight Silver Blessing Birds
T503 Tealight Lilies
T572 Tealight Flying Doves
T653 Tealight Pearl
T661 Tealight Slate
T663 Tealight Speckled Indigo
T669 Tealight Art Deco
T670 Tealight Lavender Silver
T713 Reflections of Spirit
P212S Classic Midnight Pet Small
P213S Classic Pewter Pet Small
P260 Cat White
P261 Cat Midnight
P263 Princess Cat White
P264 Princess Cat Midnight
P522S Simplicity Pearl Small
P570L Bronze Cuddle Large
P570S Bronze Cuddle Small
P633 LoveDrop Pet Midnight
P635 LoveDrop Pet Pearl
P640M Heart Pearlescent Midnight Medium
P660L Rainbow Bridge Large
P660S Rainbow Bridge Small
T658 Tealight Pet Pearl Tall
T659 Tealight Pet Pearl


A1040 Adult Wings of Hope Lavender
A220 Adult Lilac Rose
A221 Adult Emerald Rose
A222 Adult Pride Rainbow
A232 Adult Soaring Doves
A251 Adult Elegant Pewter
A271 Adult Nirvana Azure
A280 Adult Silver Blessing Birds
A410 Adult Eternity Slate
A411 Adult Eternity Auburn
A500 Adult Butterflies
A502 Adult Tulip
A522 Adult Tall Simplicity Pearl
A523 Adult Tall Simplicity Midnight Pearl
A532 Adult Round Simplicity Pearl
A540 Adult Emerald Leaf
A542 Adult Midnight Leaf
A550 Adult LoveBird Midnight
A551 Adult LoveBird Bronze
A560 Adult SoulBird Male
A563 Adult Silver SoulBird Female
A573 Adult Autumn Leaves
A580 Adult TearDrop Brushed Pewter Midnight
A581 Adult TearDrop Hammered Gold Bronze
A900 Adult Awareness Pink
H222 Heart Pride Rainbow
H667 Heart Pearl Pink
K214 Keepsake Speckled Auburn
K220 Keepsake Lilac Rose
K231 Keepsake Black & Gold
K232 Keepsake Soaring Doves
K281 Keepsake Gold Blessing Birds
K420 Keepsake Eternity Speckled Indigo
K501 Keepsake Returning Home
K520 Keepsake Tall Simplicity Midnight
K532 Keepsake Round Simplicity Pearl
K550 Keepsake LoveBird Midnight
K551 Keepsake LoveBird Bronze
K582 Keepsake TearDrop Hammered Silver Black
K603 Heart Bright Silver
K612 Heart Slate Pewter
K614 Heart Speckled Indigo
K620 Star Brushed Gold
K632 Heart Returning Home
K641 Keepsake Shell Pearl
K900 Keepsake Awareness Pink
M232 Medium Soaring Doves
M520 Medium Tall Simplicity Midnight
M523 Medium Tall Simplicity Midnight Pearl
P1002 Medium LoveHeart Blue
P1003 Medium LoveHeart Pearl
P581 Medium TearDrop Hammered Gold Bronze
T220 Tealight Lilac Rose
T281 Tealight Gold Blessing Birds
T500 Tealight Butterflies
T523 Tealight Pearl Midnight
T652 Tealight Pearl Bronze
T665 Tealight Pewter
T900 Tealight Awareness Pink


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