LoveUrns® - The Design and Innovation Company

LoveUrns® is a design oriented company. It is our passion to design new products, and improve on the classics. We go over each little detail, each little bend, curve and element, nothing is left untouched. We make sure the proportions, the finish, the overall look, all comes together as a great looking product.

LoveUrns® is already working on new items. We will keep adding new and fresh products to our line using a variety of materials, colors and textures.

Our designs are protected in USA and Canada. We request the funeral industry to discourage people who copy designs and try to sell counterfeit products. It is an infringement on Intellectual Property Rights.

LoveUrns® - The Manufacturing Company

Pictures can not do justice to LoveUrns®. You have to feel our products in your hands to understand why do we call them LoveUrns® Handcrafted with LoveTM

We have years of experience in producing and distributing the highest quality of Cremation Products. We are not just traders, we are manufacturers too, each product that we sell is either produced in one of our own factories or in an associated factory, where we have our own interests. Each product is designed and manufactured to the minutest detail and perfection. It is not just our business, it is our passion.

Our current collections consist of the finest of Cremation Urns in Solid Brass and Alum Alloy specially formulated by us for shinier and long lasting finish. We will soon be introducing more materials - all produced to very high standards of aesthetics and quality - the LoveUrns®

LoveUrns® - The Business to Business Company

We are a Business to Business company. We only sell to the business network of the funeral industry. We need your support, and we promise to deliver nothing but the best to you, not only in terms of products, but service as well. It is our commitment to you that we will NOT sell direct to the General Public., our website is the window to our company, where not only we showcase our products, but also communicate with our customers. We do not sell retail on our website, it only displays prices and accept orders from registered customers. In fact, resellers are most welcome to ask their customers to visit our website and make a selection by browsing our products. Once they have made their selection, resellers can always Login as our regsitered customer and place an order.


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Call for our 24 Page Paper or Digital Catalog

Please call, Fax, Email, and we will be too happy to send you our Collection 2012,  24 Page Color Catalog, which shows and describes our complete collection of Human Urns. The 20 Page Color Catalog for Pet Urns is available too.

Commitment to Quality and Service

Look for our holographic seal on every product, marking it as an authentic and quality LoveUrns® product. Our LoveUrns® seal shows that the product has been manufactured to exacting standards and has gone through rigorous quality control. We are committed to customer satisfaction. If there is anything you do not like about a LoveUrns® product or our service, you can contact us to arrange for the return of the product. We will strive to keep you happy and satisfied with our service, promptness and product. 

Handcrafted with LoveTM 

All our products are produced in associated factories, where workers and artisans take pride in what they do, each product is Lovingly crafted, engraved, hand polished and packed. We are proud to be associated with such artisans and other workers. It is their dedication and passion for their work that gives us the ability to bring you, LoveUrns® - Handcrafted with LoveTM

GlossCoatTM - Technology

Years of extensive experience with the finishing of metals and alloys, we have developed, a unique combination of Electroplating and Paint Process technique. Which is used in final finishing of all our Brass and Alloy products, to give them a protective long lasting and glossy finish.

 True KeepsakesTM

We bring to you the concept of True KeepsakesTM. All our Keepsakes are almost exact replicas of our Adult Urns. A lot of work and attention to detail go into producing them. Each little element is reproduced just as in the Adult version. They come included with a Velvet Box. 

Custom Urns & Limited Edition Urns

We will shortly be introducing Limited Edition Urns - information will be made available here at These Urns will be specially produced in limited numbers, using very high quality materials and craftsmanship. All proceeds from the sale of such urns will be used for the welfare of workers and artisans who produce such beautiful products. We also welcome requests for custom made-to-order Urns. If you have an idea or a concept in mind of a perfect memorial, for a lost loved one, we will help you materialize it. Get in touch with us at for a quote to custom design an urn for your loved one.



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